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Morfuns Bicycle

Eole S Carbon Fiber E-Bike

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Package Includes

1 Eole S Bike (with kickstand and front light)

2 Front and rear fenders

3 Charger

4 Tool Kits

5 Manual

Eole S is innovative - The overall carbon fiber frame design is integrated while also taking into account the need to be lightweight and high strength. It is designed into 14.5kg (easily to be lifted and carried) to provide commuters in congested cities with a feasible transport solution.

  • 9 Speed Gear Shift

    The 9 speed gear shifter is designed to enhance your riding experience and allows you to change the gears for adapting to different terrains.

  • 250W Brushless Gear Hub Motor

    The 250W brushless gear hub motor with 42N.m can help you conquer even the most rugged terrain easily.

  • Full Carbon Fiber Frame

    Bing light and easy to carry is crucial for the folding E-Bike. The use of carbon fiber minimizes the weight of the EOLE so that it can be easily lifted and carried.

  • Schwalbe Puncture - proof Tire

    The 20*2.0 Schwalbe tires provide upgraded grip and superior shock absorption ability. These tires guarantee your safety.

  • Oil Hydraulic Brake

    Hydraulic brakes provide superior braking performance and durability. With proper maintenance, there won't be a decline in braking efficiency for 5 years.

  • LCD Display

    Turn on the display, adjust the pedal assist levels (5 levels with an integrated front light). You can also monitor the speed and range.

  • Morfuns Comfortable Saddle

    The Saddle features a comfortable design specially made for pressure relief.

  • Safe Folding Structure 

    In order to ensure the rigidity of the folding parts, we use a high-strength forged folding mechanism which passed 12 w vibration tests.



Battery  36V 6.4Ah LG Lithium Battery
Charger 100-240V Smart Charger
Controller FOC
Display Morfuns Mini LCD 
Hub Motor Super Light 36V 250W High Speed
Pedal Assist 5 level pedal assist 
Throttle Available
Wiring Water-resistant connectors and wiring harness
Sensor Torque Sensor
Charging Time About 3 Hours


Carbon Fiber
LTWOO SL 9 speed
Chain Wheel 
Super Light 52T-Al-alloy
Brake  Level
Oil Hydraulic Brake
Disc Brake 160mm
Morfuns Comfortable
Wellgo Foldable Pedals
Seat Post
20*2.0 Schwalbe Ultra-light Tire
3D Integrated forging Al-alloy 6061


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
WARNING : Big seatpost issues. Poor after-sale service

So I participated in their crowdfunding campaign. First problem : lots of delays for delivery (more than a year). (but that's always a risk with crowdfunding..)
When i finally received the bike (Eole S), after a few rides, i noticed something really problematic : the seatpost was sliding down !
At first, it was just slowly sliding down along the ride, and I had to readjust it every 20-30 min of riding it...

Until one day, while i was riding in a busy street of Paris, with lots of cars around me, the seatpost just collapsed all the way down !!!
Luckily for me, i was approaching a trafic light and already slowing down when it happened so I didn't hit any cars or anything, but i got freaking scared. So dangerous. And i got lucky this time...

Since then, i'm too afraid to ride it in the streets.

Worst thing is : i'm not the only one who complained about it, morfuns is aware of it. They said they were gonna replace the seatpost. Over a year ago.
Since then, they ignored every email i sent, and no replacement of course.

Conclusion : if you're looking for a bike that's safe to ride, go somewhere else.

Don't buy this bike..!

I am an owner of this bike for about 1,5 years, and I would like to strongly discourage anyone from buying one.

The first one that was sent to me completely broke, the motor would just thrust the bike forward without any pedaling or pushing the button for acceleration. I have to say, they did send me a new one, which was a bit heavier, because this one was actually completed. For example, there was a tube guiding the cables in the frame, which there wasn't in the first one.

Within a month, the saddle (on the second bike I got) just simple BROKE. I was lucky that I was standing still and not riding the bike, otherwise I might not have been able to write this comment. Then one of the brakes just broke, one of the pedals broke off (I am not overweight btw), the computer to set the level of assist stopped functioning and lastly, a piece of the frame broke where the seatpost goes in. For the record, this last thing is kind of a big deal. My local bike repair shop advised me not to ride the bike again.

All of the first malfunctions were resolved (albeit after LONG periods of time). I got a replacement bike after about 5 months, they sent replacement brakes and a replacement computer, but that's about it. Now, since September I have been trying to contact them and they just simply ignore me. I think I have sent about 20 emails since September with 0 replies. I have been borderline friendly in emails, because I really wanted my problems to be sorted out. Even so, they just ignore me (or so it would appear)

So this is the reason why I would strongly discourage you from purchasing one of their bikes. I have more then 1,5 years of experience riding it (when I had a functioning bike) and moreover I have experience with their after sales department. I am used to European standards in this regards, so maybe I'm a bit biased. But not replying to emails for over 4 months should be a deep red flag for any country I would say. Riding the bike is fine, but you should know that if you will want to carry it around to board a train (I do this on a daily basis), you need some clothes that can get grease stains on them. Also, when the battery is at around 30%, it will stop. You can always go for the bottle battery (which I did), but this will make the bike a lot heavier and it is quite a hassle to change the battery from the seatpost to the bottle. One last thing, when I rode the bike, it made a lot of noise creaking and cracking. As if it would break down a some point. Again, I am not overweight (I weigh 85kgs and the bike should hold 100kgs)

Take your money elsewhere and buy a good and functioning product is my advice. I deeply regret buying this bike and I hope I have dissuaded at least some people to make the same mistake.

Pamela Corzine
Morfuns Eole S

This is a great folding ebike. It is very lightweight for an ebike. I love the hydraulic brakes. There are 5 levels of assist which work well for a variety of ride situations. It is a comfortable ride and handles curves and hills with ease. The torque sensors are great and allow for a smoother ride. The battery is adequate for the type of riding that I do; 70% under my own power. It is easy to fold the bike and it stays together with a magnet. I wish they would set the speed for US standards and not european standards (15.5 mph max speed). It would have been helpful to have a US contact phone number for problems that arise. My front brake wasn't functional when I first got the bike a few weeks ago. I emailed the company and it took a while for them to respond with a solution. While I was waiting for an email response, I bought a kit to bleed the brake which solved the problem. The company did reimburse me for the cost of the kit. If I had a US number to call and talk to someone, it would have avoided a lot of frustration on my part. After spending this amount of money, I would expect better support. Otherwise, I am happy with the purchase.

Robert Lewis
Great light weight folding ebike

I was impressed with the weight and range of this bike. It's easy to throw in my van for transport. I was able to go 35 miles on level ground with level 2 power assist. The bottle battery will allow me to go 70 miles. What a unique way to have your extra battery attached to the frame. The torque sensor is awesome. You can really feel it kick in. I was able to go up steep hills by down shifting. I was able to maintain 14 mph on level ground with minimum effort. If you're used to a more powerful motor, it will seem a little under powered at first. The torque sensor helps a lot, though. I had a couple questions and the company answered them in a timely manner. Overall,. a great little bike for the lowest price I found for a carbon fiber ebike.

Bill Hite
The little motor that could.

I first just want to say that I love this bike. I've had my bike for three weeks now (3-22). I received my order 3 1/2 days after I ordered it as it ships from a southern California location and I live in the same area. I like the light weight weight and that it fits the the trunk of my mid size sedan. The 250W motor has enough power to get up 15 to 20 degree hills if you pedal and downshift. The range is another thing that surprised me. My first long ride was 15.3 miles and I had 65% battery left second ride was 10.5 miles and had 75% battery left. I am really liking the Torque sensor as it feels really natural. Juice brakes are great as is the upright riding position. Highly recommended