How To Choose A Good Commuter Electric Folding Bike? MORFUNS EOLE S Will Be Your Best Choice!

How To Choose A Good Commuter Electric Folding Bike? MORFUNS EOLE S Will Be Your Best Choice!

An electric folding bike gives commuters the ability to cover much longer distance with much less effort than required on a traditional folding bike! Folding e-bikes make your commute a breeze!

How to choose a best commuter electric folding bike? Lighter weight, compact and easy to carry, then a MORFUNS EOLE S is enough.


MORFUNS EOLE S has the following features:

1.Foldable Carbon Fiber Frame

Say if you are first e-biking for a few kilometers/miles and then have to take a train or metro, a foldable electric bicycle could make a better choice.

When you take the subway with EOLE S, you just need to fold it up. It's compact and space-saving, so it's perfectly fine to take it with you even when you're taking an elevator.

The EOLE S with lightweight carbon fiber frame weighs 33lbs, which is super easy to lift and carry.


2.Compact Size

Having a smaller e-bike size and smaller wheels could be beneficial for heavy traffic city commutes!

EOLE S folds down into a mere 33 x 26 x 15" which can be easily stored in the workplace, public transportation, or the trunk of your car.


3.Superb range capability

36 V 6.4 Ah LG seat post battery gives a stylish look to a regular bicycle, and also support a surprising range of 40 miles. The extra 36v 6.4ah bottle battery is optional to double the range to 80 miles.


4.Multi-gear selection

MORFUNS EOLE S is equipped with a multi-gear 9-speed system. It is a tried and true derailleur that has smooth transition between gears and flexibility when encountering inclines. 

5.Powerful lightweight motor

Rear hub motor of 250 W with a high torque of 42 N.m means there's no need to worry about climbing.

When it came to the quality of our rides, this e-bike's performance felt super zippy and responsive!


The EOLE S combines nimble handling, a powerful motor, and the ability to fit in a tiny space.

If you're an avid cycler and want a quality, no-frills e-bike to help you get around, the EOLE S is an excellent choice.

MORFUNS EOLE S is an easy-to-use and fun-to-ride electric bike at an attainable price.


The environmental and economical benefits of riding electric bikes are well known. E-bikes are faster and more practical than regular bicycles, while providing a cleaner transportation option than cars.

There are plenty of things that put the MORFUNS among the best folding electric bikes, such as its excellent array of structural design, powerful brakes, crisp shifting and impressive MORFUNS ride quality.



Finally, always wear a high-quality helmet that fits properly every time you hop on your e-bike, no matter how far you're going!

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