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What is the shipping time

We have US and UK warehouse now, it usually takes 1-7 days to arrive in the US and UK.

The stocks for the EU are on the way. You can pre-order now.

For other countries, It will take 30-45 days to deliver.

Please contact info@morfuns for more information.

Is the EOLE S suitable for my height?

The EOLE S is suitable for people from 155cm-195cm (5.1’-6.4‘).

What's the 14 days trial?

Morfuns provide 14 days return back guarantee. You can return back the bike in original package but you need to pay the return fee. Learn more

What's the Top speed?

The top limit for EOLE S is 25km/h (16mph). The motor will stop working then, but you can still pedal to arrive at higher speed.

How does it cope on hills?

The hill gradient is about 15-20% in pedal-assist mode.

What's the weight?

15kg or 33lbs with battery

Can I have a test ride?

The test rides are having in the London UK, you can reserve through info@morfuns.com.

What'a about the repair and warranty?

Morfuns provides 2-year warranty. We will send the parts you need in 10 days and be responsible for the instructions or any necesary repair fee.

Why Morfuns?

Professional for bikes and responsible for customers. Direct to customers.