Eurobike 2022: A Closer Look At New Products From MORFUNS

Eurobike 2022: A Closer Look At New Products From MORFUNS

Eurobike2022 is a high-profile event that attracts a diverse group of professionals from the bike industry. 

According to the organizers, 33,780 professional visitors attended the show and 27,370 cyclists visited over the weekend.


EUROBIKE is the one place where brands and manufacturers launch new products and show off their concept work.MORFUNS presented 7 innovative products at the show, which attracted many exhibitors to visit. Many of the dealers were interested in our products.


The exhibition allowed MORFUNS to establish a good connection with dealers and customers. Maintaining contact with the specialist retailers is particularly important for us, and we were able to cultivate and grow our contacts well.

We were pleased to have numerous interesting discussions at our booth,one of the most discussed topics is about the design of e-bike accessories and body structure.

Among the products unveiled at the show, EOLE S Racing, EOLE X PRO and EOLE X were particularly eye-catching.

The EOLE S Road Bike disc brakes use SHIMANO DEORE XT series SM-RT86 disc brakes. The handlebars, shifters, rear derailleurs, and flywheels all use SHIMANO 105 11-speed sets, and even the chain is KMC 11S chain. For road models, the core components are the configuration of mountain bikes. Such luxurious components and bold design will be a highlight of this exhibition.

The EOLE S Road Bike is designed with engineering and aesthetics in mind. Its structural design is very innovative, breaking the limitations, flexible design as if to prove that all kinds of possibilities can be built.


The biggest highlight of EOLE X Pro is the suspension design. 

And Vinka mid-drive Provides users with an unprecedented comfortable ride. All test riders raved about this smooth ride, as the mid drive is BB-driven, eliminating time loss and power loss.

The EOLE X Pro full suspension design helps to absorb shocks and dampen vibrations.This makes the ride more comfortable and more efficient on rough terrain, especially potholed dirt roads in the countryside.


With its powerful full suspension design, durable battery and superb range capability, the EOLE X PRO e-bike enables free switching between city travel and country travel. 


Whether you're going to work on a city road or enjoying the scenery on a dirt road in the countryside, the EOLE X PRO will give you a comfortable ride that you can trust it!

Elegantly assertive style meets forward-thinking features.This made EOLE X PRO to be loved by many customers,in this exhibition!

At the show, EOLE X was no less impressive.


The MORFUNS EOLE X supports an extra battery that adds up to 55km to its range. It also has a power button that allows the rider to disable power at any time. The pedelec's 36V 10Ah LG battery can be fully charged within a decent 5 hours. The EOLE X has 20-inch tires,and the included fenders increase the bike's value. 


The MORFUNS EOLE X frame is made of aluminum. After welding, the soil is filled and ground, and the welding seam is kept smooth by using mature technology.

The 250W version of the EOLE X and X Pro will have a top speed of 15 miles per hour for the European market, and a slightly faster 18 miles per hour for the 350W version designed for the North American market.

A really good e-bike doesn't happen by accident.It's the result of a principled design process that combines decades of experience with a keen eye toward the future. 

we make insanely sure that every folding e-bike we build has good ride feel.

With the end of EUROBIKE 2022,we have summarized the valuable industry information gained at the show.In the design of future products, both forward-looking and user practicality. Let more users like MORFUNS, trust MORFUNS!

We are confident about the future and are already looking forward to participating again next year.

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