You'll meet Sir Chris Hoy at the National Bike Show and experience this innovative bike!

You'll meet Sir Chris Hoy at the National Bike Show and experience this innovative bike!

In the UK, people who like to ride must not miss this cycling show!

The newly launched National Cycling Show is set to welcome thousands of budding and experience cyclists through its doors at the NEC in Birmingham on 18-19 June 2022.

The picture comes from the official website of National Cycling Show

The Show, which is expected to play host to over 20,000 cycling enthusiasts and over 200 exhibitors. 

The two-day event, set across 14,000 sqm, is aimed at established, lapsed and new to the market cyclists and will play host to some of the Cycling scene’s biggest names including Sir Chris Hoy, Jenny Tough, Mimi Anderson and Marlon Moncrieffe, who will lead a packed schedule of inspirational talks on the Inspiration Stage.

The picture comes from the official website of National Cycling Show

The event will also boast an on-site Testing Area to allow visitors to try out bikes on a variety of different terrains, a Spinning Zone, E-bike Stage and Meet & Greet Area so visitors can meet their Cycling idols after hearing them speak.

Does it sound exciting? !
In addition, there is even more anticipation for the new products unveiled by the Morfuns brand at this exhibition! Including the EOLE X, EOLE X Pro and the heavyweight EOLE S Road Bike!

The new products unveiled this time are not only stylish and simple in appearance, but also amazing in terms of process design.

Take the EOLE S Road Bike as an example. It has a vibrant appearance, high-end configuration, and highly creative vehicle structure design. It is not an ordinary road car, and its configuration is very advanced.

The EOLE S Road Bike disc brakes use Shimano DEORE XT series SM-RT86 disc brakes. The handlebars, hand derailleurs, rear derailleurs, and flywheels all use Shimano 105 11-speed groupsets, and even the chain is KMC 11S chain.For road models, the core components are the configuration of mountain bikes. Such luxurious equipment and bold design will be a highlight of this exhibition.

Regarding the EOLE S Road Bike, words cannot describe its wonderful features, and you need to experience it at the exhibition site in person!

In addition to EOLE S Road Bike, EOLE X and EOLE X Pro also have their own characteristics!

EOLE X Pro full suspension design, suitable for all terrains. It is worth mentioning that the light intensity of the headlights can change with the change of the environment. This detail fully considers the actual use of the user on the road. The darker the environment, the brighter the lights will be, which will easily attract the attention of surrounding vehicles and increase safety.

The design of the folder is even more ingenious. The folder and the frame are forged in one piece. Users can complete the folding process in one go, saving time and effort. Abandoning the folding handle of traditional folding bicycles, the folder is not protruded but hidden, making the lines of the frame more smooth and beautiful.

Morfuns Eole X Pro tech specs
· Smooth Welding
· Full Suspension
· 36 V 350 W motor
· 15Ah LG Li-Battery
· Hydraulic Brake
· 9 speed
· 20 * 2.4 Innova Tire
· Weight: 23kg

EOLE X uses 36 V 350 W motor, 15Ah LG Li-Battery, and the battery life is longer. The brake configuration is Hydraulic Brake, the brakes are more sensitive.


The unique features of the product are introduced here, leaving a little suspense! More exciting, you can go to the exhibition site to experience, you will definitely reap unexpected surprises!

Morfuns lives up to your expectations!

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