GoodBye The British Cycling Show , See You At EUROBIKE July !

GoodBye The British Cycling Show , See You At EUROBIKE July !

The National Cycling Show held at NEC in Birmingham has come to a successful end in the past weekend. MORFUNS is proud to be part of this great bike show, where you can see plenty of new models from different brands. This show is definitely a visual feast for all visitors.


In this exhibition, the organizer specially invited some cycling champions to share with you some interesting things about cycling!

It is not only the wonderful stories of these Olympic stars that attract attention, but also four representative and innovative products of MORFUNS will attract people's attention! They are Morfuns Eole X, Eole X Pro, EOLE S Road Bike and EOLE S!

These four innovative products of MORFUNS are both practical and beautiful, with small size and unique product design , and attracted many exhibitors to visit and test ride.


At the exhibition site, many visitors were attracted by the stylish appearance of Morfuns Eole X, and many guests stopped by at the booth, they thought it was the most suitable bike for urban commuting.



Affected by the epidemic, long-distance travel has decreased, and the demand for outdoor travel in and around the city has soared. Morfuns Eole X caters for both commuting to work and short trips.

The battery is optional, 36 V 10Ah, Max 15 Ah seatpost battery. You can add the 7 Ah bottle battery, the total can be 22Ah, and the range can be up to 170km.  With the patented power switch, you can turn on/ off the power anytime. Energy-saving and environmental protection!



At the scene, visitors came to visit and consult continuously at the MORFUNS booth. They also tested our products to experience the riding comfort and product-related functions of the products. The staff of MORFUNS are very busy and patiently introduce each product to each user carefully!



The Morfuns Eole X frame is made of aluminum. After welding, the soil is filled and ground, and the welding seam is kept smooth by using mature technology. Don't underestimate this detail, all the weld beads on the frame of each EOLE X take 4 hours to fill and level by craftsmen. After continuous grinding, filling and trimming, the rigorous ingenuity quality is carefully constructed, so that the joint finally presents a perfect weld smoothness.


In addition, the built-in wire setting makes the lines of the fuselage smoother and the details more delicate, which improves the comfort of hand holding and the overall beauty of the fuselage.



If your requirements for a bike are not limited to daily urban road commuting, but also hope that it can handle uneven dirt roads in the countryside, then MORFUNS EOLE X PRO will be the best choice.


At the exhibition site, many visitors were impressed by the exquisite craftsmanship design of MORFUNS EOLE X PRO! The EOLE X Pro full suspension design maintains high stability and comfort even when riding on uneven roads. Especially on country roads, the full suspension design minimizes the feeling of road bumps, protects the lumbar spine and reduces injuries caused by severe bumps, and improves riding comfort. For the elderly, this design is undoubtedly the best.



Exhibitors couldn't help but admire EOLE X PRO's ability to achieve front and rear shock absorbers, and even appreciated the process of forging the folder and the frame in one piece! The EOLE X PRO folder is not protruding but is built-in. It also has a special safety lock to improve the safety of product use. It is very convenient to operate and saves the user's folding time.



There was a lady at the scene who was very curious about the functions of our EOLE X PRO's colorful LED Display. Our staff explained to her in detail what functions LED Display can achieve. She was very interested in EOLE X PRO. She thinks that the Display on this bike can not only adjust freely, but also present a lot of useful information, making the riding process more intelligent and convenient.



MORFUNS EOLE series products have been concerned and recognized by many exhibitors and visitors!

In July European Exhibition, MORFUNS products will continue to shine, so stay tuned!


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