Should choose aluminum alloy frame or carbon fiber frame?

Should choose aluminum alloy frame or carbon fiber frame?


Just stepped into the cycling circle, many people will have such doubts, we should choose what material frame. Generally speaking, the bicycle frame materials are: steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber, they each play their role, to meet the needs of different people.

Models that can meet the needs of cyclists are good choices. Whether carbon fiber models or aluminum alloy models, they should start from the actual needs of cyclists. By positioning their own needs and comparing the advantages of different models, they can make appropriate choices.

Advantages of carbon fiber materials

In the bicycle field, carbon fiber frame, handlebar and other main structural components have obvious advantages, light weight, strong strength, strong rigidity, high plasticity, is used to manufacture advanced sports bicycle parts of the ideal material, if it is used in the field or high-intensity sports riding, carbon fiber has excellent performance.


Carbon fiber can be made into almost any shape you want, and the surface is completely impenetrable. In addition to making cool bikes, carbon fiber also has the advantage of high plasticity when it comes to aerodynamics.


Carbon fiber material has a very light weight, is a very ideal lightweight material.


Carbon fiber bicycle parts are not as fragile as the conventional perception, but are extremely rigid -- high-quality carbon fiber frames are more rigid than aluminum frames. Therefore, if the bicycle frame, handlebars and wheel sets are used for sports or high-intensity cycling, they will be made of carbon fiber composite materials.


Carbon fiber material not only has high rigidity, but also has good shock absorption effect. Compared with aluminum alloy frame and high carbon steel frame, carbon fiber frame has better riding comfort

Advantages of  aluminum alloy materials

Of course, not all cyclists like carbon fiber frames, but aluminum bikes have their own advantages.

No matter what level of bicycle, will use aluminum alloy material. Aluminum frames also have their advantages. They are light enough and more affordable than carbon fiber, though they are not as light or rigid as carbon fiber. Aluminum frames are also a good choice for high-intensity competitive riding, if not for racing.

MORFUNS carbon-fiber electric folding bikes open the door to a new world with a design that combines aesthetics with rigidity, using the plasticity of carbon fiber.

A, Design:

MORFUNS carbon fiber frame is inspired by the Eastern character for "bow," which is a pictograph character in the text, and the magic fun frame perfectly embodies this element. Similarly, the word "bow" also represents strength, which means stability, readiness and power. As shown in figure:

B, Mechanical strength

a, The bow shape perfectly supports the longitudinal impact force, even with 120 kg of weight.

b, Tapered front fork tube, a professional-grade mountain bike design. (as shown in figure)

c, front tube: raised hexagon design, rear fork: lengthwise stretched triangle design

In addition to ensuring the longitudinal rigidity, it also ensures the transverse anti-deformation ability. The rigidity of the vehicle in all directions has been perfectly guaranteed. (as shown in figure)

d, In order to ensure the rigidity of the folding car at the folding part and the anti-distortion ability at the folding part, MORFUNS boldly adopts the high-strength forged aluminum alloy folding mechanism, which is perfectly embedded with carbon fiber. Although the weight increases slightly, it can effectively solve this problem. While hiding the folding handle, it can also realize the wiring inside the price of the car. (as shown in figure)

C, Lightweight

a, Because of the bow design, the strength can be ensured while the lower fork can be cancelled, which effectively reduces the weight of the vehicle and also achieves a breakthrough in aesthetics.

b, In order to perfectly reflect the aesthetics of "Bow", we have cancelled the lower tube of the frame and integrated the five-way part into the design of "bow", which makes the internal wiring, strength, rigidity and weight more sublimated. (as shown in figure)

This folding car combines both aesthetics and rigidity, and is a design model of perfect combination of art and aesthetics. No matter you are a strong man or a gentle woman, this folding bicycle of MORFUNS can take you to the place you want to go.

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